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We are expanding our coverage even more every month.  We always work with our current or future customers for mutual benefit.  If you live in the North Edinburg area (Around Faysville) and have no restriction for us to install  a 57 ft radio tower on your land with electricity, we would like to hear from you.
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In 1997, Jeff Shooshtari was searching for high speed Internet and found no options. Mr. Shooshtari was working as an engineer for Delco Electronics. His background as an electrical engineer helped him to create a prototype for setting up high speed wireless Internet. Soon, he was able to provide service in the area, so TWIN was born.


At TWIN, we work for the success of our customers, our company, and ourselves. We are a service company that realizes that we must be accountable to our customers, our team members, and our community. Our core values have remained the same since we opened in 1997.


Judy K ~ I have been with twin wireless in my home for years and have had the best service! Whenever there’s a problem, even on the weekends, they are right on it and I’m up and running in no time. We live out of the city limits but I would use them either way. I love this company!


Rogelio R ~ Have been with Twin Wireless for the last 10 years. Employees are extremely helpful. Never had any problem that they could not solve. Highly recommend to my friends and to anyone needing wireless internet services.

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We believe that through research and development,
our knowledge and technology should be an ongoing evolution of products that will contribute
to the growth and enhancement of our customers as well as us.