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COVID-19 - What We’re Doing and What You Can Do

If you’re feeling anxious about your internet access during the coronavirus outbreak, you’re not alone! We’re certainly feeling our mission to support your connectivity more strongly than ever right now. Read on to find out how we’re working to support you with the Twin Wireless services you rely on—and tips for staying in control in the midst of uncertainty.

From everyone at Twin Communications, we’re wishing you peace, comfort, and good health. If you need any help with your account, a friendly voice is just a phone call away: (956) 618-3343.

Our Commitment to Supporting You 

You need to count on your internet access services more than ever during uncertain times—and we’ve got your back. Twin is committed to ensuring uninterrupted access to our services and providing the support you need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Reliable infrastructure

You can expect uninterrupted access to all the features you rely on. In addition to being on call 24 hours a day, Twin will continue providing the infrastructure to maintain Twin Communication’s customer accounts.

Consistent service

In addition to ensuring our support team members are ready to give you uninterrupted support by enabling them to work from home, we’re also asking the rest of our company to maintain business as usual while taking smart precautions.

Putting prevention first helps everyone, so we’re asking our teams to follow all recommended best practices: working remotely, frequent and thorough hand washing, keeping environments clean and sterilized, limiting person-to-person contact, etc. We’re taking every step possible to ensure we can continue delivering unique and effective internet solutions for our community.

Things are changing quickly, but rest assured that Twin Communications is working hard to deliver the kind of consistent service that we would expect for ourselves. We’ll continue to communicate with you as the COVID-19 situation progresses, including reporting on impacts to customer contact volume and wait times.

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